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Healthy Children – Healthy Future was the theme of HSN’s 2015 Annual General Meeting, which was held Thursday June 18th, 2015 at the Ramsey Lake Health Centre.

This year’s AGM featured two guest speakers with expertise in children’s health:

  • Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McGill University, and the Chair Emeritus of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. In his address to the AGM, Dr. Steinmetz spoke of how the rights of children are often overlooked in society. He said when children’s rights are recognized it leads to their optimal development and health, which society in turn depends on for its own future health and continuity.
  • Also addressing the AGM was Dr. Sean Murray, a Pediatrician in Sudbury and Medical Director of HSN’s Family and Child Program. Dr. Murray shared his vision to enhance children’s health care in Greater Sudbury and northeastern Ontario through the expansion of NEO Kids, HSN’s centre for outpatient pediatric care.

Every year, there are approximately 35,000 patient visits to NEO Kids, and its roster of 20 specialized outpatient clinics.

HSN also announced it has achieved a balanced budget for the fiscal year 2014/15, which ended March 31st.  HSN ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $117,000, on revenues of $440.8 million and expenses of $439.3 million.

This year’s AGM also featured changes in the makeup of HSN’s Board of Directors. Learn more »

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