Volunteering at HSN


Donating just a few hours a week can have an immensely positive impact on the lives of the patients, visitors and, of course, you!

The main objective of the Volunteer Services department at Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé Nord (HSN) is to ensure volunteers are afforded the best opportunities to support and enhance the experience of patients, visitors and staff at HSN.

There are several advantages of volunteering with HSN:

  • Certain departments offer social interactions with patients and exercise!
  • Volunteers can build experience working in the Boutique or Café.
  • Students, whether High School or Post-Secondary, have opportunities to gain career insight into healthcare, build their resume and complete their 40 hours of community service.
  • Adults may utilize skills that they have gained over the years and make good use of their free time.

Health Sciences North is composed of different sites, all with a variety of volunteer opportunities working with kids, adults and seniors.  These sites are:

  • Ramsey Lake Health Centre (RLHC)
  • Northeast Cancer Centre
  • Sudbury Outpatient Centre (SOC)
  • Mental Health and Addictions Centres - Kirkwood Place & Cedar Street

What do volunteers do?


Our main objective is to ensure that all those coming into HSN have a positive experience.  Volunteers are an integral part of the healthcare team and help us achieve our goals in several ways:

Direct Patient Support
Volunteers work one-on-one with patients to provide support and assistance, including:

  • Working with seniors to reduce delirium and depression.
  • Companionship, to assist with the recovery process.
  • Activity programs- exercises, games, crafts and music.

Wayfinding Support
Patients and visitors of HSN appreciate being greeted by volunteers at HSN entrances in order to provide guidance and information.  These volunteers assist with:

  • Escorting outpatients and families around the hospital.
  • Providing instructions, support and navigational assistance for visitors attending appointments.
  • Acting as a resource centre for visitors with any questions or concerns regarding the hospital.

Clinical, Surgical and Administrative Support
Volunteers assist HSN staff in certain departments and maintain quality care and comfort for patients.  Their roles include:

  • Greeting, directing and preparing patients for their doctor’s appointment.
  • Assembling packages of important documents and forms.
  • Helping staff with the recovery and discharge of patients undergoing a day surgery.

Retail Services
Volunteers support the day-to-day operations of HSN’s two retail outlets: