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This web page provides external employment opportunities currently available to the general public.  HSN does not accept unsolicited resumes -- please ensure you use this electronic forum to apply.


Career opportunities are posted on this site each Wednesday afternoon by 4:00 p.m. and will remain posted for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days or until the position becomes filled.  We encourage you to bookmark this site as a favourite.  
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  3. RECEIVE PROOF OF SUBMISSION to your email address once you have successfully completed the job application process.

Accommodations are available to support applicants in all aspects of the hiring process.
If selected for an interview and you require an accommodation, we will work with you to meet your needs.

Job Postings
Posting #Job TitleDepartmentEmployment StatusDetail/Apply
14-0461 Occupational Therapist Children's Treatment CentreTemporary Full-Time (September 2014 to June 2015) Details/Apply
JL17PT-14 Registered Nurse Cardiovascular Thoracic ICURegular Part-Time Details/Apply
14-0306 Health Informatics Support Specialist (Revised and Reposted) Clinical InformaticsRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
JL11TP-14 Registered Practical Nurse Oncology Medical and Palliative UnitTemporary Part-Time (July 2014 to November 2014) Details/Apply
14-0442 Physiotherapist Oncology Medical Palliative UnitRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
14-0275 Physiotherapist (Reposted) Respiratory Care UnitRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
JL05TP-14 Registered Practical Nurse Oncology Medical and Palliative UnitTemporary Part-Time (July 14 to June 2015) Details/Apply
JL03PT-14 Registered Nurse Cardiac Medical UnitRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
JN26PT-14 Registered Nurse x 2 CardiodiagnosticsRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
14-0417 Occupational Therapist Developmental Clinical ServicesRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
JN16FT-14 Registered Nurse Transitional Outpatient ServicesRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
14-0387 Physiotherapist Supportive Care ProgramTemporary Full-Time (Jun 2014 to Dec 2014) Details/Apply
14-0366 Privacy and Security Analyst (Reposted) Information TechnologyRegular Full -Time Details/Apply
14-0342 Physiotherapist Intensive Rehabilitation UnitRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
14-0043 Physiotherapist (Reposted) Oncology Medical and Palliative UnitRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
MY20TP-14 Registered Practical Nurse General SurgeryTemporary Part-Time (May 2014 to Oct 2014) Details/Apply
MY15PT-14 Registered Nurse Oncology Medical Palliative UnitRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
MY16TP-14 Registered Nurse Oncoloy Medical Palliative UnitTemporary Part-Time (July 2014 to July 2015) Details/Apply
14-0254 Cook 2 Food ServicesRegular Part-Time Details/Apply
14-0304 Director Clinical InformaticsRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
1000-22 Regional Surgical Oncology Lead NECCContract Details/Apply
14-0237 Physiotherapist General Internal MedicineRegular Full-Time Details/Apply
MA31TP-14 Registered Practical Nurse CardiologyTemporary Part-Time (Mar 2014 to Sept 2014) Details/Apply
1010 Obstetrics and Gynecology Family and ChildPermanent Details/Apply
1012 Critcal Care Critical CarePermanent Details/Apply
1011 Thoracics Surgery Permanent Details/Apply
13-0067 Medical Lead - Bariatrics Bariatric Regional Assessment & Treatment CentreTemporary Part-Time Details/Apply
13-0346 Physician Lead - Seniors Care MedicineTemporary Part-time Details/Apply
1007 Respirology RespirologyPermanent Details/Apply
1008 Rheumatology RheumatologyPermanent Details/Apply
1009 Neurology MedicinePermanent Details/Apply
1003 Infectious Diseases Infectious DiseasesPermanent Details/Apply
1001 Endocrinology EndocrinologyPermanent Details/Apply
1000 Cardiology CardiologyPermanent Details/Apply
150 Internal Medicine MedicinePermanent Details/Apply
1002 Geriatric Medicine GeriatricsPermanent Details/Apply
10-RC-ENG Registration Clerk (ENGLISH) FUTUREFUTURE Details/Apply
1004 Surgical Pathologist PathologyPermanent Details/Apply