Important information on COVID-19 / Renseignements importants sur la COVID-19!

We are asking all patients and visitors coming to HSN to please wear a mask as an added step to reduce the spread of germs and protect vulnerable patients. Handmade masks are NOT acceptable. When you arrive at the hospital as a patient or care partner a hospital approved mask will be provided to you and you will be expected to wear it during your time at HSN to keep yourself, other patients and care partners and our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers safe.

Patients going for a procedure where they must remove the mask will be asked to keep it ready to be put back on once the procedure is completed.

Before coming to the hospital, please check our COVID-19 info page for updates.

    Freedom of Information

    Health Sciences North is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This Act provides the public with a right of access to general records held by HSN and outlines the hospitals obligations to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information we have in our custody or under our control.  HSN’s Privacy Office is responsible for receiving and processing general and personal information access requests under FIPPA. In an effort to be transparent and accountable, HSN commits to making its operational records publicly available, wherever possible. The Act applies only to records that came into the custody or control of HSN on or after January 1, 2007.

    What is a Freedom of Information request?

    A freedom of information request is a request completed by a member of the public for access or a correction to records. A freedom of information request does not apply to Personal Health Information. If your request is for health records, please view our Privacy and Confidentiality page.

    How do I make a Freedom of Information request?

    Click here to access the Freedom of Information (FOI) Access/Correction Request Form. Please complete the form in its' entirety and submit it to HSN's Privacy Office.

    Click here for instructions on Making an FOI Request and information regarding the FIPPA Fee Schedule.

    Reminder: This form is not for requests of personal health information.

    You may wish to consult our Directory of Records and Personal Information Banks when formulating your freedom of information access request. See below.
    HSN’s Directory of Records

    A Directory of Records is required by FIPPA. It provides a listing of the types of records that HSN holds. Click here to view HSN's Directory of Records.

    HSN’s Personal Information Banks

    A Personal Information Bank  is another requirement under FIPPA. It is a description of the personal information that is maintained by the hospital. Click here to view HSN's Personal Information Banks.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Click here for FAQ's related to freedom of information.