Important information on COVID-19 / Renseignements importants sur la COVID-19!

We are asking all patients and visitors coming to HSN to please wear a mask as an added step to reduce the spread of germs and protect vulnerable patients. Handmade masks are NOT acceptable. When you arrive at the hospital as a patient or care partner a hospital approved mask will be provided to you and you will be expected to wear it during your time at HSN to keep yourself, other patients and care partners and our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers safe.

Patients going for a procedure where they must remove the mask will be asked to keep it ready to be put back on once the procedure is completed.

Before coming to the hospital, please check our COVID-19 info page for updates.

    Health Information Network Provider

    HSN is a Health Information Network Provider (HINP) when they provide services to two or more Health Information Custodians (HICs) where the services are provided primarily to custodians to enable the custodians to use electronic means to disclose personal health information to one another, whether or not the person is an agent of any of the custodians. HSN must adhere to Ontario Regulation 329/04 and comply with the HINP requirements, including making available information about its services to the custodian.

    See below for information on HSN's role as a Health Information Network Provider in the following systems.  

    Integrated Assessment Record

    Statement of Information Practices for Health Information Network Providers

    Network Services and Security for the Integrated Assessment Record

    Safeguards Regarding Confidentiality and Security of the Integrated Assessment Record

    North East Ontario Network (NEON)

    Plain Language Description of Network Services and Security

    Physician Office Integration/Health Report Manager (POI/HRM)

    Plain Language Description of Network Services and Security