Clinical Ethics

    Welcome to the Department of Ethics. We are here to help patients, families and staff working though difficult problems. The ethics team is led by the Clinical Bioethicist and ethics facilitation team members.  As a team, we assist patients, families and healthcare professionals to work through difficult situations, identifying and clarifying problems, explore possible outcomes, consider alternatives to reach a common understanding.

    What are some examples of ethical issues?

    • End-of-Life Decisions
    • Withholding or Withdrawing Treatment
    • Decision-making for Incapable Patients
    • Determining Goals of Care
    • Fair Distribution of Resources

    Need Ethics Support?
    Health Sciences North staff, patients and families who have concerns or need clarification about a complex patient care situation may ask for a consultation by contacting the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service.

    Clinical Bioethicist is available at 705-523-7100 Ext 1025

    Ethics consultation service is available Monday to Friday from 0800-1630 or email:

    After hours, please leave a message at 705 523-7100 Ext 1025