Important information on COVID-19 / Renseignements importants sur la COVID-19!

HSN is now screening all patients and visitors coming to the Ramsey Lake Health Centre and our other sites.

Before coming to the hospital, please check our COVID-19 info page for ongoing updates, including visitor restrictions, closures and cancellations. This situation is changing rapidly. Please check back for updates regularly.

A reminder to all staff to self-screen prior to coming to work, and make sure you have your badge at all times in order to access the site.

    HSN’s Media Policy

    The following policy outlines HSN and HSNRI’s approach with traditional media. It also outlines specific guidelines for media representatives while on our property. This policy encourages prompt and forthright answers to media inquiries by a designated media spokesperson. The policy is also in effect to protect the privacy of hospital patients and their families, staff, physicians and volunteers. Statements are not permitted to be made by hospital personnel to the media or public except as described in this policy.

    When the media is visiting HSN:

    • Media are asked to notify HSN’s Media Specialist before coming to HSN or HSNRI property for a story or interview. 
    • For patient confidentiality, HSN’s Media Specialist will accompany media while on HSN property to interview staff, patients and families.  Security will remove media from the premises if they are unauthorized or unaccompanied. 
    • To respect the privacy of our patients and their families, as well as our visitors, we ask the media not to openly film, record, videotape, or document anyone on HSN property without their knowledge and written consent. Anyone who speaks to the media in an interview while on HSN property, is also asked to sign an HSN Consent Form, which will be supplied by HSN’s Media Specialist. 
    • On occasion, reporters may wish to use the hospital as a backdrop for on-camera interviews. While this is permitted, reporters are asked to contact HSN’s Media Specialist before arriving on site in respect to the privacy of patients and staff. Reporters are reminded that they cannot photograph, film, or record staff, patients, or visitors as they enter or leave the premises without obtaining written consent. 
    • For confidentiality reasons, HSN cannot speak to specifics about any of our patients.