SUDBURY, ON –   Health Sciences North must respond to the comments that were made this morning to media from the Friends of Sudbury Hospital Laundry Workers. It is the group’s belief that HSN has been misleading the public on the matter of our laundry services contract.

HSN has been open and transparent on its decision to change laundry service providers. First, we provided advance notice to Sudbury Hospital Services on our decision to end our contract.

The HSN Board of Directors met with CUPE workers at their request where we answered all of their questions. 

We fully co-operated with the City of Greater Sudbury as they developed an economic impact report. The data provided by HSN on the $500,000 in costs savings was thoroughly reviewed by the City’s Economic Development staff. We also supplied all necessary information to the City relating to the paramedics laundry service needs.

We have responded to all media and public inquiries, including written requests for data from members of the Friends of Sudbury Hospital Laundry Workers. 

We understand the hardship this decision has had on the workers of SHS and our community. It was not an easy decision, but it was, and remains, a necessary one. 

The City’s economic report clearly demonstrates that SHS in its current form is not a viable company. Despite valiant efforts, SHS has lost all of their major customers due to high pricing. These high prices then get distributed to the remaining customers. With HSN representing 90 per cent of SHS’ business, this means our hospital has been paying these high costs for the past three years.

HSN has supported SHS as best we could, even when other customers left. Like you, we wanted to support this local business. We wanted to give them every opportunity to thrive and create a sustainable business. Even though we have changed laundry services, SHS will retain the contract to transport the linens between HSN and our new supplier. We have also maintained our contract with SHS for all of our dishwashing services. 

We want you to know that HSN will continue to support our community while ensuring we provide you with health care of the highest quality.

Click here to view the City of Greater Sudbury’s full economic impact study of HSN’s decision to use Mohawk Shared Services for linens and laundry.

Click here to view the report prepared by City of Greater Sudbury Emergency Services Department about the linen and laundry contract for paramedic services.