SUDBURY, ON –   Summer is the season of home renovations, backyard projects, gardening, outdoor sports, and road trips – short and long.

But according to Statistics Canada, summer also has a higher rate of personal injuries than any other season. 

It’s estimated that, every year in Canada, preventable injuries claim the lives of over 15,000 people, and are responsible for 3.5 million Emergency Department visits and 231,000 hospitalizations. Every hour, approximately 430 Canadians suffer a preventable injury as a result of a fall, motor vehicle accident, fire, water mishap, or other activities (“The Cost of Injury in Canada”, 2015, Parachute)

Today is National Injury Prevention Day.

Health Sciences North(HSN) would like to encourage you to work, rest, and play safe this summer.

“Many injuries are not accidents, but traumas waiting to happen and are easily preventable,” says Dr. Rob Lepage, a physician and Medical Director of HSN’s Emergency Department. 
“We see a lot of injuries due to intoxication or people not wearing the proper safety equipment. So make sure you protect yourself and use good judgment.”

Avoid preventable injuries this summer. Wear a helmet when cycling, skateboarding, or inline skating. Take breaks during strenuous activities. Wear the proper safety equipment when doing any construction or renovation work. Obey the rules of the road and always wear a seatbelt when driving. 

HSN wishes you a safe and healthy summer.