SUDBURY, ON – In partnership with the Northern Cancer Foundation and Cancer Care Ontario, the Northeast Cancer Centre unveiled new radiation equipment that will have an impact on patient care especially Prostate cancer patients in Northeastern Ontario.

TrueBeam® Radiotherapy System has advanced imaging capabilities and will provide fast and efficient image-guided treatment. It allows physicians to focus the radiation with a very high degree of accuracy. “Not only are we making significant advancements in treatment delivery for patients in the Northeast, this equipment will decrease the number of radiation treatments needed while expecting better results,” says Dr. Ryan Carlson, Radiation Oncologist at Health Sciences North. “This technology is especially important for Prostate cancer patients who travel to the Northeast Cancer Centre from across northeastern Ontario as it significantly decreases the time patients need to be away from their homes for treatment”.   

The Northern Cancer Foundation continues to support new innovations that have a direct impact on patient care. “Bringing the TrueBeam® Radiotherapy System to Sudbury really speaks to the Northern Cancer Foundation’s mission to improve cancer care and experiences in northeastern Ontario,” says Tannys Laughren, Executive Director of the Northern Cancer Foundation. “Our unofficial motto is ‘raised here, stays here’ and one of the best ways for us to show that is to help bring cutting-edge equipment to the Northeast Cancer Centre using locally donated funds. Thank you, Sudbury.”

The TrueBeam® Radiotherapy System is the only one in northeastern Ontario and will improve overall patient comfort and shorten treatment. “Thanks to the Northern Cancer Foundation and Cancer Care Ontario we are able to improve patient care in the North,” says Mark Hartman, Vice President Regional Cancer and Clinical Support Programs, Health Sciences North and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario. “We are working with our patients and families across the region and using innovative technology to improve their cancer care experience.”

The machine began operating in December treating patients and providing access to new treatment options.