SUDBURY, ON – There was reason to celebrate in HSN’s operating rooms today.  Dr. Caycedo and the colorectal surgical team marked a significant surgical procedure milestone. The procedure, called transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME), has been performed for the 100th time at HSN by a team led by colorectal surgeon Dr. Antonio Caycedo. According to Dr. Caycedo, only a handful of hospitals in Canada perform the procedure.

“I am so proud today to celebrate the 100th operation using the taTME technique with this great surgical team.  This milestone places HSN at the forefront of the management of colorectal cancer,” says Dr. Antonio Caycedo. “It takes great leadership and skilled team members to provide such a care model, and northern Ontario patients have access to it right here at HSN.”

HSN was one the first centers to adopt this revolutionary technique and, as a result, our colorectal team has become a leader in the country in the management of colorectal cancer using minimally invasive approaches. It was in the Fall of 2015 that HSN announced the first taTME procedure in its operating rooms. At that time, HSN had implemented the technique using a single-surgeon and with the success of the program, a new specialist, Dr. Grace Ma, joined the colorectal surgical team, last Fall. 

“Patients from Northern Ontario have access to the latest and most novel approach that exists today for the management of colorectal cancer,” adds Dr. David Boyle, Medical Director of Surgical Program at HSN. “We are proud to bring world class services to HSN, and are better positioned to attract specialty-trained surgeons.  Most importantly, HSN can provide quality cancer care close to home for the people of Northern Ontario.”

Colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Ontario. Many years ago, the diagnosis of colorectal cancer was synonymous to a death sentence because of the lack of adequate surgical treatment. Significant advances have been made to refine surgical techniques to obtain better results, minimal incisions, less pain, and less time spent in hospital which are just some of the benefits of this advanced surgical procedure. Over the last few years, Dr. Caycedo frequently lectures at specialty conferences to bring some of his team’s best practices to the international stage.

“We are very proud of the dedication to improving patient care demonstrated by Dr. Caycedo and the entire surgical team. This is a remarkable milestone and we’re excited to celebrate this success”, says Mark Hartman, Vice President, Regional Cancer and Clinical Support Programs, Health Sciences North and Regional Vice President Northeast, Cancer Care Ontario.