Important information on COVID-19 / Renseignements importants sur la COVID-19!

We are asking all patients and visitors coming to HSN to please wear a mask as an added step to reduce the spread of germs and protect vulnerable patients. Handmade masks are NOT acceptable. When you arrive at the hospital as a patient or care partner a hospital approved mask will be provided to you and you will be expected to wear it during your time at HSN to keep yourself, other patients and care partners and our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers safe.

Patients going for a procedure where they must remove the mask will be asked to keep it ready to be put back on once the procedure is completed.

Before coming to the hospital, please check our COVID-19 info page for updates.


    Forward to Function

    Prevention    ◄►   Assessment    ◄►   Treatment                

    The services of Forward to Function (F2F) support patients who most often have been involved in motor vehicle accidents or have suffered work-related injuries.  A continuum of services is available to our Northeastern Ontario clientele, focused on the patient’s rehabilitation journey to return to their pre-injury level of functioning in their work, daily living activities, mobility, leisure and social life. 

    Each of the services, devoted to a particular specialty, has a longstanding history of excellence in meeting the needs of clients and their families, physicians, the Workeplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and insurance companies.

    Linda Scherzinger, Manager
    (705) 523-7100 Ext. 3275 


    Specialty Clinics
    Health Sciences North / Horizon Santé Nord (HSN) is a Specialty Program provider of choice.  We deliver programs and services with Physiatry, Orthopedic and Plastic Specialists and Allied Health Professionals within the clinical settings, worksites and home environments.  We provide services to local clients within the Sudbury and surrounding areas as well as other Northern Ontario communities including North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay and all points in between.

    Our clinics provide comprehensive assessments, follow ups, appropriate diagnostic testing and/or consultation(s) and treatment.  We can clarify diagnosis, prognosis or level of impairment.  We are focused on applying best practices and continuous quality improvement using clinically validated Outcomes Measure Tools.  The team works closely with the injured worker to improve their function, mobility and recovery, integrating safe return to work recommendations. 

    At this time, we are pleased to provide the following Specialty Clinics:

    • Amputee & Prosthetics Clinic -  Brochure
    • Occupational Health Assessment Program
    • Upper Extremity Injury Clinic - Brochure coming soon
    • Lower Extremity Injury Clinic - Brochure coming soon

    Our specialized team members have an expertise in caring for individuals with upper extremity injuries, and upper and/or lower limb amputations. 

    Medical Secretary (705) 523-7296
    Carol Stanyn, Clinical Leader (705) 523-7100 Ext. 3173

    Linda Mullen-Cuomo, Clinical Leader (705) 523-7100 Ext. 3522

    Sue Favero, Clinical Leader (705) 523-7100 Ext. 4106

    Physiotherapy services under Forward To Function are provided for HSN employees.
    Lise Morrissette, Secretary
    (705) 523-7098 or toll free 1-866-469-0822
    Ext. 7098

    Driver Assessment Rehabilitation Service (DARS)
    We offer a variety of comprehensive assessments and services for drivers (passengers) of all ages.  Our goal is to meet clients' needs and ensure a safe return to driving whenever possible.  DARS has been an MTO approved assessment centre since 1992.  In 2013, DARS became an approved Functional Assessment Center (FAC) and in 2014 awarded one of the WSIB Driver Rehabilitation contracts for Northeastern Ontario.
    DARS Brochure
    DARS Referral Form available
    Lise Morrissette, Medical Secretary
    (705) 523-7098 or toll free 1-866-469-0822 Ext. 7098

    Regional Evaluation Center
    We provide neutral, objective and timely Health Care Assessments to injured workers from Northeastern Ontario.  Our Physiatrist and multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals are experienced in assessing and treating clients who have sustained complex musculoskeletal injuries.

    Third Party Assessments / Insurance

    • Insurer Examinations
    • In-Home and Form 1 Assessments

    Employer Services

    • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
    • Job Demands Analysis (JDA)
    • Ergonomic Assessments
    • Pre/Post Employment Scores
    • Educational Seminars
    • Job Site Assessments
    • Job Coaching
      More Information

    Lyse Boyle, Medical Secretary (705) 523-7296

    Carol Stanyon, Clinical Leader (705) 523-7100 Ext. 3173