Corporate Services

    Sales Representatives Visiting HSN

    Sales representatives who have not previously dealt with HSN must first contract the Purchasing Department to review supply and service offerings with purchasing representatives.  Representatives are seen by appointment only and must report to the HSN Purchasing Department whenever entering and whenever leaving HSN premises.  For more information please see the Purchasing Vendor Guide provided below.

    Purchasing Vendor Guide

    The following is intended as a guideline to assist suppliers in appropriately coordinating their activities while on Hospital premises. Health Sciences North recognizes that Sales Representatives are professionals who provide the Hospital, its administrators and Medical Staff with valued resources.   Our Supply Chain Code of Ethics is included in this guide. 

    Download the Vendor Guide »

    Procurement Opportunities

    HSN utilizes to facilitate open competitive processes.  Please refer to for current opportunities. 

    Group Purchasing

    HSN participates in various group buying opportunities through Medbuy Corporation, the Sudbury Regional Group Buying Group, and the Ministry of Government Service and other Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements.

    Contact HSN Purchasing

    Purchasing Main Telephone Number:  (705) 523-7307

    Business Hours

    Monday through Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.