Transitional Services

Short Term Crisis Safe Bed Program
336 Pine Street
, Sudbury

The Safe Bed Program provides a short stay (7 to 10 days) residential program for individuals in crisis.  Priority is given to individuals who are at risk of coming into conflict with the law (non-violent offenders only) and those who would benefit from intensive crisis case management. The program consists of a 24/7 supervised setting and daily case management services provided by the Safe Bed Registered Nurse. Following assessment to determine problem areas, the program will provide support and assistance to help you make changes such as: dealing with mental health issues, dealing with legal issues, locating housing, entering drug or alcohol treatment, managing crisis situations and assistance with managing medical conditions.


Transitional Outpatient Service (TOPS)
127 Cedar St
, Sudbury
705.523.4988 ext. 4291

This service is a group-based, recovery-oriented program that provides mental health education, support and outpatient follow-up for adults in transition to the community following discharge from hospital.  The Transitional Outpatient Service is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and supports effective coping and meaningful recovery from illness following hospitalization.  Referrals are accepted from inpatient health care providers.