Important information on COVID-19 / Renseignements importants sur la COVID-19!

We are asking all patients and visitors coming to HSN to please wear a mask as an added step to reduce the spread of germs and protect vulnerable patients. Handmade masks are NOT acceptable. When you arrive at the hospital as a patient or care partner a hospital approved mask will be provided to you and you will be expected to wear it during your time at HSN to keep yourself, other patients and care partners and our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers safe.

Patients going for a procedure where they must remove the mask will be asked to keep it ready to be put back on once the procedure is completed.

Before coming to the hospital, please check our COVID-19 info page for updates.

Contact Us & Referrals

    Referrals to A Pediatrician or Visiting Specialist

    To refer to a NEO Kids Pediatrician, or to a Visiting Pediatric Specialist (cardiologist, rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeon, allergist), please complete the Kids Care Centre Referral Form and submit to our Fax Referral Line 705-523-8600 including all relevant documents such as WHO growth charts, lab results, diagnostics, other assessments, etc.

    Click HERE to download our fillable referral form.

    The Kids Care Centre Referral Form is used for all pediatric referrals except for those patients who can be referred directly to our NEO Kids Pediatric ACU for our BALANCE Progam, Asthma Education Clinic, FASD Diagnostic Clinic, Gender Clinic or Nutritional Counselling.  These referrals are available below under "Referrals to NEO Kids Pediatric ACU" or can also be found on the individual clinic web pages.

    Referrals for Behavioural Issues or ADHD

    NEO Kids only accepts referrals for behavioural issues from physicians and nurse pracitioners. All referrals must be submitted on the ADHD Referral Form (click here to download the fillable form) and include a completed SNAP-IV form from the parent, a completed SNAP-IV form from the teacher, and a completed WEISS Symptom Record from the parent.  For the most recent versions of the screening tools visit Referrals that are not submitted with the required screening tools will be declined.  Completed referrals and attachments are faxed to our main Fax Referral Line at the Kids Care Centre at (705) 523-8600.

    As of September 1, 2019, we have implemented a "shared care" model for non-complex ADHD patients.  Patients will receive an initial consultation and then they will be asked to follow up with their primary care provider every 3 months.  NEO Kids will follow up with these patients on an annual basis only.  Should any questions or concerns arise during patient's follow up visits, the primary care provider can contact the patient's assigned Pediatrician directly for discussion/consultation.

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your referral, please contact us via email at

    Important information regarding our triage process:

    • Once the patient's referral is received, it is processed and triaged.  The referring provider will receive an acknowledgement letter within 14 days of receipt, confirming that the patient's referral was received, the NEO Kids Pediatrician that the patient is being assigned to, and the expected wait time.  Phone calls received during this initial 14 day period regarding the status of the referral will not be able to be returned due to the volume of calls we receive.  Patients should contact their referring care provider for a status update on their pending referral after 14 days of submission should they have any questions/concerns.
    • The Pediatrician's office will call the patient directly to book their appointment.  The referring provider will also receive a confirmation fax of the date and time of the scheduled appointment.  Should a patient's contact information change, the referring provider should provide the new contact information to the appropriate Pediatrician's office.
    • Should a referring provider feel that a patient requires an urgent consult with a NEO Kids Pediatrician, they should contact the On Call Pediatrician.
    • NOTE: If a patient has not been seen by a NEO Kids Pediatrician in the last year, or the patient needs to be seen for another reason, the referral is considered a new consult and goes through the regular triage process.

    To contact a NEO Kids Pediatrician's office at the Kids Care Centre, please call our main NEO Kids phone line at

    (705) 523-7120.

    You must first select OPTION 1 for the Kids Care Centre.  This will bring you to the Kids Care Centre directory. 

    Then you select the appropriate care provider's office:

    • Option 1 - Dr. Sean Murray
    • Option 2 - Dr. Tara Baron
    • Option 3 - Dr. Elaine Blacklock
    • Option 4 - Dr. Chantal Corbeil
    • Option 5 - Dr. Gautam Kumar
    • Option 6 - Dr. Melanie Breau
    • Option 7 - Angelina Wiwczor, Nurse Practitioner
    • Option 8 - Hannah Smith, Nurse Pracitioner


    Referrals to NEO Kids Pediatric ACU

    Most clinics within the Pediatric ACU must be referred by a NEO Kids Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner.

    There are a few clinics in which referrals from other health care providers and self referrals are accepted.  These include the following clinics listed below; each of which has their own referral form.  Click on each of the forms below to download a fillable copy.  Each of these referrals can be faxed directly to the NEO Kids Pediatric ACU at 705-523-7288 or can be emailed to

    Asthma Education Clinic

    BALANCE Program

    FASD Diagnostic Clinic

    Gender Clinic

    Nutritional Counselling

    Please guarantee that all relevant attachments are also sent with your referral.  Each referral form states the mandatory requirements for each clinic.