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    NEO Kids Infant and Child Development Services

    Infant and Child Development Services (ICDS) is one of many Infant Development programs across Ontario and Canada that specialize in providing services and resources for families with children who are at risk of, or have a delay in his or her development.
    ICDS is funded by the Ministry of Children and Community Social Services and sponsored by the NEO Kids & Family Program.
    ICDS is a member of the Ontario Association for Infant and Child Development (OAICD). If you are not in our area, but reside in Ontario, visit the OAICD website for a published directory of all associated Infant Development services in the province. 


    Who We Serve

    • Children and infants from birth to school entry
    • Children whose families or guardians live in the Sudbury/Manitoulin district
    • Children who have, or are at risk for, a developmental delay including:
    • Children with known diagnoses and syndromes
    • Children who are premature
    • Children with early trauma
    • Children in over-burdened families
    • Children whose parents need parenting support
    • Children who suffer from a developmental delay with unknown causes
    Parents/Guardians must agree to participate in our services.

    Services We Offer

    We offer the following services free of charge:
    • Screening and Assessment
    • Intervention
      • Developmental interventions in all domains
      • Supportive counselling
      • Information and resources
      • Case management
    • Consultations with professionals regarding specific children (with parents/guardians consent)
    • Supported transition into childcare and school
    • Community planning with other service providers
    • Student placements
    • Community education
    • Toy, equipment, video and book library
    Most services are provided in the child's home.  We also deliver services through other agencies, including childcare centres.

    Who Delivers Our Services

    Our staff are professionals from different backgrounds.  Qualified Infant and Child Development, and skilled in providing effective home-based intervention services.
    Staff expertise covers in-depth knowledge of typical and atypical child development, acute observation skills, and the ability to assess developmental and environmental strengths and needs.


    Click here for more information on our referral criteria.
    Referrals can come from any source (Parent/Guardian, Physician, Public Health Nurse, Neonatal Nurseries or Community Agencies), provided it is made with parental/guardian consent.
    Referrals are accepted at the Children's Community Network (CCN) at 1-877-272-4336.

    Who to Contact

    ICDS locations in the Sudbury/Manitoulin district include:
    Sudbury (Main)
    41 Ramsey Lake Road
    Sudbury, ON   P3E 5J1
    Phone: 705-523-7120 ext. 7184 
    Fax: 705-523-7156
    Sudbury Parent Advisor
    407 Centre Street
    Espanola, ON   P5E 1J5
    Phone: 705-869-1564 ext. 4242
    Fax: 705-869-5833
    Espanola Parent Advisor
    34 Birch Street
    PO Box 728
    Chapleau, ON   P0M 1K0
    Phone: 705-864-0860 ext. 2664
    Fax: 705-864-0488
    Chapleau Parent Advisor
    Manitoulin Island
    101-15 Worthington Street
    PO Box 477
    Little Current, ON   P0P 1K0
    Phone: 705-368-3692
    Fax: 705-368-3692

    Manitoulin Parent Advisor