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    Rheumatology Clinic

    Many people think arthritis is just a disease of the elderly.  But did you know that one in 1000 Canadian children has juvenile arthritis?

    Early diagnosis and treatment are key.  The best care for children with arthritis is through a pediatric rheumatology team.

    Our Rheumatology Clinic can provide a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that is specially designed for your child.  The treatment plan will help your child to:

    • Achieve normal physical, social and intellectual development
    • Achieve and maintain an acceptable and functional range of joint movement
    • Achieve emotional acceptance of any physical limitations
    • Attend school regularly
    • Relate to other children
    • Assume responsibility for his or her own health
    • Be a happy and productive member of society

    What is arthritis?

    Arthritis is inflammation of the joint, which causes the joint to feel warm, stiff, swollen, and often painful.  If left untreated, the inflammation can damage the cartilage and underlying bone.

    Juvenile arthritis is continuous inflammation of one or more joints lasting at least six weeks.

    No one knows what causes juvenile arthritis.  In some cases, juvenile arthritis is gone by adulthood.  With other cases, the disease and its effects are lifelong and require ongoing medical care.

    There is no cure for juvenile arthritis, but there are medications that can reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain and swelling.  Exercise is also important to help keep muscles and bones strong, keep joints flexible, and reduce pain.


    Juvenile arthritis can be difficult to detect.  Common symptoms include:

    • Inflamed joints (red, swollen and warm to the touch)
    • Stiffness in the morning or after waking from naps
    • Limping or difficulty using an arm or leg

    How We Will Help You

    Our team will assess your child’s medical history and perform a thorough physical examination.  Additional investigations such as blood work, x-rays, or ultrasound may be arranged for the same day or at a later time.

    We may recommend special school accommodations including:

    • Two sets of books for school and home use
    • Use of elevator
    • Door-to-door transportation
    • Modified writing assignments and/or use of computer
    • Modified physical education
    • Placement of classrooms and lockers in close proximity to minimize walking
    • Extra time to get to class
    • Rest period
    • Avoidance of demanding classes first thing in the morning
    • Allow movement around class as needed to prevent inactivity stiffness
    • IEP evaluation

    What to Expect

    Clinics are scheduled four times per year and led by:

    Dr. Nicholas Blanchette, Pediatric Rheumatologist, Credit Valley Hospital
    Dr. Gordon Soon, Pediatric Rheumatologist, North York General Hospital
    Nicole Graham, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

    Please bring the following items with you to each appointment:

    • Braces, walkers and AFOs
    • List of medications
    • Pair of shorts and a t-shirt

    Each appointment will last approximately 1-3 hours.


    Our clinic serves patients under the age of 18 with ongoing pain or suspected of having a rheumatologic disease.

    Referrals are accepted from NEO Kids Pediatricians.  Should you wish to have your patient seen in the Rheumatology Clinic, please refer them to the Kids Care Centre by clicking HERE.

    Contact Information

    NEO Kids Pediatric ACU
    705-523-7120 ext. 3508 or 3545

    For more information on the Rheumatology Clinic, please email

    For information on the status of your referral, email us at