Spasticity Management (Botox) Clinic

NEO Kids is proud to offer a spasticity management clinic for children in Northern Ontario!

Spasticity is the medical term used to describe a condition when muscles become overactive, which causes them to contract or become tense when they shouldn’t.  The result is usually an increase in muscle tone or tightness.

Our spasticity management (Botox) clinic aims to decrease spasticity and increase range of motion for patients affected by stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other diagnoses.

What is Botox?

Botox® is a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent that reduces the rigidity of muscles or unwanted spasms in a specific muscle.  Botox® is injected in small amounts into the spastic or stiff muscles.  The injection stops the signal between the nerve and the muscle, relaxing the muscle and reducing stiffness.  Botox® only affects the muscles that are injected and once the muscles are relaxed, therapists are able to stretch the muscles and stimulate normal growth.

Botox® can be an effective treatment for pediatric spasticity if:

  • the child is 24 months of age or older (some exceptions may occur)
  • the child demonstrates the potential for “functional” improvement (i.e. improved gait, enhanced hygiene, increased ability to use positioning equipment, etc.)
  • the child is able to follow the prescribed post-injection rehabilitation program
  • the caregivers are in agreement with and committed to the post-injection exercise program

Botox® injections can offer ease in stretching, improvements in range of motion, tolerance to wearing braces and developmental improvements in crawling, standing or gait changes.

Botox® is generally well-tolerated and side effects are minimal.  Effects normally begin about three days after injection, peak at two to four weeks and last between three to four months.

Botox® is not a cure.  It is an additional treatment to compliment daily exercise and bracing.

What to Expect

Your child's first appointment will include a full assessment and Botox injections.  Follow-up appointments usually occur 3-4 months post-injection.

Bring your AFOs, shorts and a t-shirt to each appointment.

Meet the Team

Dr. Sean Murray, Pediatrician
Mary Sabo, Physiotherapist
Paige Rain, Occupational Therapist


Referrals are accepted from Pediatricians, Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists.

To have your child referred to the Spasticity Management (Botox) Clinic, have your family physician or nurse practitioner refer your child to the Kids Care Centre.  The referral form for the Kids Care Centre can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

If your child is being followed by NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre, your physiotherapist or occupational therapist from the CTC can also refer you to the clinic.



Contact Information

NEO Kids Pediatric ACU
705-523-7120 ext. 3508 or ext. 3545

For more information on the Spasticity Management Clinic, you can email us at

For information on the status of your referral, you can email