Neurosurgery Education & Outreach Network

Health Sciences North is collaborating with Critical Care Services of Ontario (CCSO) to develop a Neurosurgery Education & Outreach Network that will help to educate and disseminate neurosurgical education to hospitals within the North East Local Integration Network (NELHIN).

Currently we have a Neuro-Nurse Educator, and a Clinical Nurse Specialist – Neurosurgical Outreach who are collaborating together to provide support & educational opportunities for our non-neurosurgical hospitals. We can assist with assessing and augmenting skill sets for non-neurosurgical centre staff, provide expertise in neurosurgical care to aid in repatriation for the likely patient population a non-neurosurgical centre would receive, help with the development of protocols and care practice aids for non-neurosurgical centre staff.

The current group of Neurosurgery Education & Outreach Network Nurses at HSN are:

Neuro-Nurse Educator
Lisa Weiler (705) 523-7100 ext. 1570

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Neurosurgical Outreach 
Lindsay Roach (705) 523-7100 ext. 3292