Planning for my Surgery

What to Bring Day of Surgery

  • On the day of surgery, and for discharge, wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that is easy to get on and off.
  • Your health card.
  • Bring your glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and dentures with storage cases labelled with your name.
  • Bring your CPAP, Bi-level machines, or dental appliance if you use one for sleep apnea
    * It is important to bring these items if you use them, otherwise your surgery may be cancelled.
  • Any crutches, cane, braces, or walker that you have been told to bring by your surgeon, labelled with your name, brought in by family/friend after your surgery.
  • If you are staying overnight or longer, pack a small bag with a few personal hygiene items, such as: toothbrush and toothpaste, brush/comb, ear plugs (to help you sleep at night), shampoo, sanitary products, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, bathrobe, socks, and non-slip shoes or slippers that are easy to put on.

What NOT to Bring or Wear Day of Surgery

  • Remove all jewelry and body piercings.
  • Do not wear makeup, false eyelashes, hairpins, deodorant, or talcum powder.
  • Remove nail polish and artificial nails.
  • Do not wear perfume, aftershave, or other scented products.
  • Do not bring personal items such as cell phones, wallets, purses, credit cards, electronics, etc.