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About the Health Sciences North Research Institute


Through improvements in education, healthcare, and wealth Canadians are living longer and leading more active lives than ever before. Nevertheless, many individuals are living with long-term chronic disease that requires the availability of high-quality healthcare. The healthcare system has reached a challenging level of complexity and cost requiring more focus on disease prevention, health promotion and community-based care and enable Canadians to live healthy and productive lives.

Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) was established in 2011 as an independent not-for-profit corporation. Designed to bring together researchers, clinicians, regional partners and industry, and founded on the basis of fostering translational research, HSNRI is the affiliated research institute of Health Sciences North (HSN). HSNRI and the work that is carried on within and outside of our walls is integral for HSN to achieve its mission to build "a culture of academic engagement that attracts and retains top talent in the North" and changing how health care is designed and delivered in our community from a population health perspective. HSNRI has proven to be an appealing destination to conduct innovative research with the attraction of world-renowned research chairs in Healthy Aging, Personalized Medicine, Cancer Solutions, and Northern and Indigenous Health, all of which are leading research programs tailored for health priorities in Northern Ontario.

HSNRI is a significant regional resource in health and biomedical research and has achieved recognition in many fields. HSNRI researchers are at the forefront of innovative and new discoveries, engaging our communities and implementing these discoveries through knowledge exchange and partnerships.

HSNRI will also build partnerships with knowledge users and decision-makers for integrated knowledge translation, develop intercultural effectiveness strategies, and expand on the region’s growing knowledge-based sectors. HSNRI has become a vibrant research community that integrates with key stakeholders and will continue to innovate and contribute to the overall human capital of the region.



HSNRI was founded on the basis of fostering translational research while aligning with HSN’s strategic plan for advanced research and education. HSNRI works in close cooperation with several key partners in the Greater Sudbury Region, including Health Sciences North, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Laurentian University, Cambrian College and Collège Boréal.

HSNRI also actively pursues strategic partnerships with all levels of government and the private sector from across Canada and internationally.