HSNRI Walford Facility

Grand Opening – June 26, 2017

Construction began in December of 2015 and was completed in June of 2017. Funding for the project was provided by the Government of Canada, through FEDNOR ($4.9 million), the Government of Ontario through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ($4.9 million), 
the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation ($1 million), and the City of Greater Sudbury ($750 thousand).

The opening of the Walford facility, site of the former St. Theresa’s elementary school, adds 15,000 square feet of research space to HSNRI. The expansion includes three wet and dry labs as well as research offices. 

The knowledge gained in the HSNRI labs is translated into front-line patient care at HSN and elsewhere. Over 1600 participants have been involved in HSNRI’s various research projects and trials. They include the effectiveness of a stronger-dose flu vaccine for seniors, a new model of care for frail seniors in hospital, a nicotine vaccine, a test to genetically predict the effectiveness of chemotherapy for certain patients, the cancer-fighting properties of compounds from Canada’s boreal forest, tracking the spread of c.difficile in hospital settings, and radon gas exposure and health impacts on children.