Leslie Sutherland, PhD

Scientist, Health Sciences North Research Institute
Associate Professor, Division of Medical Sciences, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, University of Ottawa
Associate Professor, Biomolecular Sciences Program, Laurentian University
Cross appointment, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Laurentian University

Dr. Sutherland received a B.Sc. in 1984 and a Master's Degree in 1987, both from the University of Guelph. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa in 1994, and between 1994 and 2000 trained, as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in France, England and the United States. She briefly worked as a Research Scientist at the Segfried and Janet Weis Centre for Research in Pennsylvania before joining the Tumour Biology Group as a Scientist in 2001.

Honors and Awards

Premier's Research Excellence Award, 2003

Research Interests

Under most circumstances, cells in our body die in order to make way for new and younger ones, and this is a healthy part of the normal maintenance of tissues and organs. However, when errors arise in this regulated death process, cells can continue to live beyond their normal lifespan, and this extended existence is one of the major factors that can cause a normal cell to become cancerous. Dr. Sutherland's research centres around understanding how this normal death process is regulated in healthy cells, and how we can exploit this understanding to help fight off cells that have become cancerous. Her lab studies a particular family of RNA binding proteins, and how they contribute to the normal turnover of healthy cells in the body.

Current Funding

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – 2015-2017, Discovery Development Grant

Selected Publications

  • Ozuemba, B, Masilamani, TJ, Loiselle, JJ, Koenderink, B, Vanderbeck, KA, Knee, J, Lariviere, C, Sutherland, LC. (2016). Co- and post-transcriptional regulation of Rbm5 and Rbm10 in mouse cells as evidenced by tissue-specific, developmental and disease-associated variation of splice variant and protein expression levels. Gene. 580(1): 26-36.
  • Tessier, SJ, Loiselle, JJ., McBain, A, Sutherland, LC. (2015). Insight into the role of alternative splicing within the RBM10v1 exon 10 tandem donor site. BMC Research Notes. 46: 1-11
  • Loiselle, JJ, Tessier, SJ, Sutherland, LC. (2015). Post-transcriptional regulation of Rbm5 expression in undifferentiated H9c2 myoblasts. In vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Animal. 
  • Li, P, Wang, K, Zhang, J, Zhao, L, Liang, H, Shao, C, Sutherland, LC. (2012). The 3p21.3 tumor suppressor RBM5 resensitizes cisplatin-resistant human non-small cell lung cancer cells to cisplatin. Cancer Epidemiology. 36(5): 481-489.
  • Liang, H, Zhang, J, Shao, C, Zhao, L, Xu, W, Sutherland, LC, Wang, K. (2012). Differential Expression of RBM5, EGFR and KRAS mRNA and protein in non-small cell lung cancer tissues. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research. 31: 36.
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  • Sutherland LC , Edwards SE , Cable HC , Poirier GG , Miller BA , Cooper CS , Williams GT. (2000). LUCA-15-encoded sequence variants regulate CD95-mediated apoptosis. Oncogene. 19(33): 3774-3781.